Diverse Portfolio Keeps St. Louis Roofing Company on Top of the Competition


St. Louis roofing company co-owners and brother-in-laws, Patrick McNichols and Brian Benson.

Innovative Roofing co-owners Patrick McNichols  (left) and Brian Benson.

Incorporating new products and skills—without sacrificing customer service—is a combination for success for St. Louis roofing coNtactor co-owned by friends and brothers-in-law.

2016 ended on a high note for Innovative Construction & Roofing. In December, the roofing contractor was honored as a Small Business Success Story by Manta.

As a premier St. Louis roofing company, co-owners Patrick McNichols and Brian Benson attribute their success to a combination of key factors. Topping the list is  providing legendary customer service to their clients. “Customer service is the most important thing, even if it comes to losing money to keep a relationship,” says Benson.

In addition, a smart growth strategy and continually honing their skills has added to the company’s continued success.  Rounding out the equation is a crew of experienced roofing professionals. These pros pride themselves on getting the job done right the first time. As a result, the St. Louis roofing contractor is able to provide their customers with a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee.

Friends since high school, business partners Benson and McNichols are also brothers-in-laws. The two strive to balance work with the demands of being good husbands and parents. “It’s all about balancing personal goals and company goals,” Benson said. “I’m happy to sacrifice some money to be able to come home at night and spend time with my family.”

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