Commercial Roofing Reviews

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Most our business is primarily referral and a majority of our commercial jobs are repeat business from the same property owners. Therefore we rely heavily on the reviews and letters our customers take the time to provide. See more reviews online by searching us on Google,, or our website at

After my bad experience with two previous roofers you and your company were a Godsend to the parish. I appreciate the way you worked with our insurance company in regards to hail damage. You made it so easy for me, in your doing the negotiation with them instead of me. If you need a reference for any future jobs, please feel free to have them call me.

Father Richard Rath
St. John The Baptist Catholic Church.

“I would like to first take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to your organization for not only all of your hard work and dedication but also the unbelievable finished project. I would also like to fully express my recommendation to anyone looking at roofing contractors, that Innovative Construction & Roofing is by far a first class organization.

I came to your organization and asked that you look at my roof at 7512 Cromwell Drive in Clayton. I have had problems with the roof for a number of years and had a number of other roofing contractors bid on replacement of the slate roof. However, I was not in a position to spend $1OOk of my own money to replace the roof system.

After your assessment, your organization was the only one that suggested that: “I should file an insurance claim for hail damage.” While I was somewhat skeptical of this, I felt comfortable and trusted your expertise in moving forward with Innovative.

Innovative Construction negotiated diligently and single-handedly finalized a $100,000 plus settlement with my insurance company. Their organization completed the project, delivered on all of their promises and went the extra mile to make sure my custom slate and copper roof system will last for years to come.

I cannot again express my gratitude to your organization, for a job well done in every aspect of such a complex construction project. The entire project was efficiently setup, all safety issues were addressed, coordination and communication displayed was that of an extremely high quality company. It is clear that your organization is committed to excellence, and I will continue to recommend your company to anyone in need of any construction project.

Pat Hanon
Building Owner & Restauranteur