Fleeceback Roofing System

commercial roofing crew in action | St. Louis, MO

Even with the best budgetary planning for the year, roof replacements and repairs seldom come at a good time unless they are planned in advance. Commercial roofing systems are unique because they are protecting tenants operating businesses on your properties. Ongoing leaks are serious issues to medical service providers, restaurants or practically any business that depends on technology systems, and that’s just about all of them.

Ongoing roofing problems can be addressed by simply replacing the roof. However, there is a cost effective alternative which could save up to 50% of the cost of a full roof replacement and it’s backed by a 20 year performance warranty.

This proven alternative to a full roof replacement is a Fleeceback roofing system that is applied over the surface of your existing roof.

The Fleeceback material is available in TPO, EPDM and PVC based materials and manufactured by industry leader Carlisle Syntec The Fleeceback roofing system has been available for over 20 years with over 100 million square feet installed world-wide.

Fleeceback technology has demonstrated proven resistance to the damaging effects of UV, ozone, puncturing, and the storm related issues such as wind and hail.

Keep in mind that full roof replacements are necessary if the existing roof condition is beyond any other option. The problem is that too many building owners are lead in that direction, which may not be necessary in many cases.

Why? Because full roof replacements are larger and more complex projects that generate more revenue.

Innovative Construction & Roofing has invested significantly in the specialized equipment to apply Fleeceback and offer this cost effective option in the St. Louis region . . . an option that can save up to 50% over the cost of a traditional roof replacement.

The first step is to schedule a short inspection to determine if the Fleeceback process can work with your roof system. There is no cost for the inspection and knowing the condition of your roof may give you more options and put you in more control of your budget.

The free inspection takes about 30 minutes and there is no obligation. Call Innovative Construction at 314-546-4047 to schedule your inspection today.

Download the Carlisle Fleeceback Systems Brochure


Download the one sheet with the top 10 features of Fleeceback compared to Modified Bitumen. Click the image below.